AI Selfie Policy

This AI Selfie Policy sets out The Blank App’s (“Blank’s”) data practices, and your rights, with respect to your photographs collected via Blank’s selfie feature (“Selfies”). 

By uploading a Selfie through our mobile app (the “App”), you acknowledge that you have read this policy, and agree to the processing of your Selfie in accordance with its terms. You agree to only submit a Selfie of your own face, and that the Selfie is not that of a minor. 

Please also review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for additional information regarding our data practices and terms with respect to information other than your Selfies. If you have any questions about this AI Selfie Policy or our Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Collection of Selfies 
To use the selfie feature in the App, we will ask you to take a Selfie of your face through the App. The Selfie will then be processed by us to generate an image of your likeness using artificial intelligence (the “AI Image”). In order for us to generate this AI Image,  your photo is analyzed to estimate the location of parts of your face, like your eyes, nose and mouth, and specific points on the contours of those parts of your face (“Estimated Facial Points”). Your photo is also analyzed to detect the approximate size, shape, and color pigment of certain areas of your face (“Predicted Facial Attributes”). The technology then uses your Estimated Facial Points and Predicted Facial Attributes to generate an artificial intelligence based image using your likeness. This analysis is conducted by a third party, Magicflow AI. For additional information regarding Magicflow’s data practices, please see their privacy policy at

Subject to this AI Selfie Policy and our Privacy Policy, your AI Image will be stored in the App and on your device so that you, and other users of the App, can view the AI Image. You can delete your AI Image at any time by deleting your Selfie and AI image through your App account.

The primary purpose of collecting your Selfie is to fulfill the service requested by you to generate an AI Image in the App. We may also use your Selfie for product development, such as improving our algorithms. 

Blank does not intend to sell, lease, trade, share in exchange for anything of value, or otherwise profit from the transaction of your Selfie. We do not intend to use Selfies to directly identify any specific individuals, nor combine it with any lists, databases, or other datasets intended to be used to identify specific individuals. 

We disclose your Selfie and/or AI Image in the following circumstances:
- to our service providers who host the data, provide the underlying technology for processing and scanning, or assist with production of the AI Image. 
- in connection with, or during negotiations of, any proposed or actual merger, purchase, sale, or any other type of acquisition or business combination of all or any portion of our assets, or transfer of all or a portion of our business to another business.
- to comply with the law or defend our rights.Additionally, your AI Image will remain public in the App for you and other users to view. 

Data Storage and Protection
Blank will store, transmit, and protect your Selfies using a reasonable standard of care. Such storage and protection from disclosure will be performed in a manner that is the same as or more protective than the manner in which we store, transmit and protect from disclosure other confidential and sensitive information. We will retain and delete your Selfies in accordance with our Retention and Deletion Schedule below.

Retention and Deletion Schedule 
Unless we are required to retain your Selfies for a longer period of time to comply with the law or defend our rights, Blank will retain your Selfies only until the first of the following occurs: (1) the initial purpose for collecting or obtaining such Selfies has been satisfied; (2) you request deletion; or (3) within 3 years of your last interaction with Blank. 

Your Privacy Rights
You may initially decline to provide us with your Selfies, but this will result in you being unable to use the selfie feature of the App. You may withdraw your consent at any time for us to process your Selfie, provided that this withdrawal may result in us being unable to fulfill the service requested by you. To withdraw your consent, please delete the Selfie as described in Collection of Selfie above, or contact us at When you withdraw consent, we will delete the applicable data except where we are required to retain it to comply with the law or to defend our rights.