Acceptable Use Policy

If you access or use The Blank App Co. d/b/a Bank’s (“Blank,” “we,” “us,” and ”our.” ) apps, social games, products, software, documentation, websites, and other services made available for download or use (the “Services”) you agree to this Acceptable Use Policy (“Policy”). This Policy incorporates by reference The Blank App, Co. Terms of Service and End User License Agreement, including the Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Agreement provisions therein, as if fully restated herein.

You agree you will NOT use, or allow others to use, the Services to:

Violate any applicable law, court order, or regulation

Violate any other person or entity’s rights (including trademark, trade secret, copyright, patent, publicity, personal, privacy, or other rights)

Impersonate any other individual or entity

Commit, promote, contribute to, facilitate, encourage, plan, incite, or further any of the following:
- Violence or terrorism;
- Exploitation or harm to children, including the solicitation, creation, acquisition, or dissemination of child exploitative content; 
- Human trafficking, exploitation, and sexual violence;
- Harassment, abuse, threatening, stalking, or bullying of individuals or groups of individuals;
- Discrimination of any kind on the basis of any protected class;

Create, develop, deploy, upload, transmit, or use any code, malware, or computer viruses that could adversely affect or impact the operation or appearance of a website or computer system

Engage in systematic or automated scraping, mining, extraction, or harvesting of personally identifiable data, or similar activity, from the output of any artificial intelligence tools except with respect to data that you have provided as input to the artificial intelligence tools and which you are legally entitled to process, for so long as you retain such entitlement;

Intentionally deceive or mislead others, including by:
- Generating, promoting, or furthering fraud or the creation or promotion of disinformation, or defamatory statements, images, or other content;
- Impersonating another individual without consent, authorization, or legal right
- Representing or misleading people into believing that the use or outputs of artificial intelligence tools are human-generated;
- Generating or facilitating political advertisements, propaganda, or influence campaigns;

Bet or wager any money or other thing of value;

Restrict or inhibit any other user from using or enjoying the Services (for example, by means of harassment, stalking, threatening, hacking, interfering, adversely affecting, or defacement);

Enable or encourage any collection, selling, or trading of anything from the Services, including any Virtual Items;

Create, upload, or post any material that we reasonably believe to be offensive to users, including language that is abusive, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, harassing, sexually explicit, threatening, patently false or misleading, or otherwise objectionable, or any material that is invasive of one’s privacy, in violation of any law, or is inconsistent with this Policy;

Promote, contribute to, encourage, facilitate, plan, incite, or aid any person to engage in any of the foregoing